About Us



Vixen Label is a premium luxury hair extension e-boutique based in Ottawa, Canada.  Our mission is to provide the best selection of luxury quality hair extensions.  We strive to enhance every woman's self confidence. When you look good you feel good and that's what Vixen Label's all about.  We continuously invest in research and development to ensure we stay ahead of the market and continue to supply you with the best products available.  We want to restore customer faith in the hair extension industry by consistently providing luxury products at an affordable price.  Our priority is to foster healthy relationships with our employees, retailers and our beautiful clients.  We will continue to pursue our goal of aligning ourselves in the forefront of the industry in order to position ourselves to re-invest in our African American communities.  Keeping our black roots in mind, our long term vision is to use our platform to re-invest in our people and build more black female entrepreneurs.